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Updated OAC's list

AESPORTSACADEMY 全英学院 (深圳市 Shenzhen City)

Green Gable Education Group 山东绿山墙教育发展有限公司 (临沂 Linyi City)

Guangzhou Youraward Youth Development Centre 广州市优沃青少年发展中心 (广东省 Guangdong Province)

Junzi Technology Shijiazhuang Co., Ltd. (Kiwi INT)君梓科技石家庄有限公司

School of International Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University (Waiyan Centre)  北京外国语大学国际教育学院 北京 Beijing)

Shanghai Lecamp Education Technology Co.,Ltd 上海乐勘教育科技有限公司

Wuhan Devotion Education Co., Ltd 武汉渡远教育科技有限公司

Open Award Centre (OAC)

OAC is a single entity that is engaged in the offering and provision of non full time education, tuition, training or similar courses or programs to youth, licensed by the Award in China to deliver the Award to young people between 14-24 years old within a permitted region.

OACs include but not limited to:

* Training organizations

* Community Organizations

* Sporting or Youth Clubs

* Regional or National Associations

OACs provide:

* Ownership of its Award participants;

* Facilitation of full range of Award section activities to its participants.

* Responsibility for the continuity and completion of Award activities.

* Responsibility of upholding the Award’s brand and reputation.

* Ultimate responsibility in terms of quality and safety for registered participants, responsibility of due diligence check on any outsourced Award service.

What organizations qualify as an OAC?

Becoming an OAC means that you will join the global Award family for the purpose of facilitating youth development, and together shoulders the responsibility of disseminating and upholding the Award values. Applying to be a licensed OAC in mainland China is at the discretion of the Award in China.

The basic requirements are:

Ÿ A single entity that may be separate from other legal entities such as a subsidiary.

Ÿ Provision of non full time education and development for the young people.

Additional factors to be considered include but not limited to:

Ÿ Vision and mission in line with that of the Award in China;

Ÿ Nation-wide reputation with positive influence and brand impact;

Ÿ Adequate resources for facilitation and Award promotion.

What is an OAC's role in the Award family?

The creation of OAC concept and its very existence is to increase the Award’s reach, access and impact, with the ultimate goal of helping more and more young people develop and equip them for life.

OACs are key supplements to schools for those at-risk or marginalized young people.

OACs, together with ACs (schools), informing partnership with the Award in China, constitutes the essential components to the platform of Award delivery.

Updated: 2022.09