简介及可提供与爱奖相关的服务 – The service briefing which related to the award

公司使命: 培养具有国际化视野和竞争力的青少年


地区  Area

城市 City

活动 Activity

华北 North of China

北京 Beijing

徒步 Hiking

长城徒步 The Great Wall Hiking

延边长白山 Yanbian Changbaishan

徒步 Hiking

敦煌 Dunhuang

徒步 Hiking

内蒙 Inner Mongolia

徒步 Hiking

新疆 Xinjiang

徒步 Hiking

华东 East of China

苏州 Suzhou

徒步 Hiking

广德 Guangde

徒步 Hiking

千岛湖 Qiandaohu

骑行 Cycling

皮划艇 Kayaking

华南 South of China

三亚 Sanya

潜水 Diving

桂林 Guilin

探洞&徒步 Caving & Hiking

西南 SW of China

成都 Chengdu

徒步 Hiking

四川阿坝 Sichuan Aba

登山 Mountain Climbing

云南香格里拉 Yunnan Shangri-La

登山 Mountain Climbing

贵州遵义 Guizhou Zunyi

探洞 Caving

A pioneer in Camping in China, YMCE is proudly considered a leader in the
Camp Education industry. We are founding members of the Children’s
(China) Camp Education Alliance, one of the earliest China
members of the American Camp Association, take an active role in the
International Camping Fellowship, and are highly regarded among camp
professionals in the region and world.
Company Mission: Cultivate young people with a global & competitive edge.

The service briefing which related to the award:
a) Gobi Desert Trekking
b) Yangshuo Outdoor Adventure Journey
c) Qiandaohu Biking
d) Grassland Trekking
e) Camping/Hiking/Kayaking trips

目前机构的分布点或服务覆盖范围 – Your branch and service coverage

国内建立和管理 5 个户外营地 ( 游美营地 )。从杭州千岛湖、上海、云南到北京,我们经常组织学生和成人团体,促进行业培训等等。在上面中国的四个城市拥有超过 40 名员工,并有能力随时为众多行业和项目的合作伙伴提供服务。

Jumping ahead today, we have now grown beyond traditional summer
and winter programs to running trips, cultural tours, and have built and
manage 5 outdoor sites (Camp Greenwoods) across the mainland.
Stretching from Hangzhou to Shanghai and Yunnan and Beijing we frequently host student & adult
groups, facilitate industry trainings, and more. Boasting a team of 40+ across the above four city offices  in China, we are ready and capable to service a variety of partners across a multitude of industries and programs.
案例列表, 列表列出年份,合作机构/学校名称 – Your client list which related to the award

机构师资 – Supervisors or accessors qualification
机构服务对接人及联络方法 – Contact person

史海斌 Sam
Phone - 电话:13098884244
Website: www.ymce.com