The donkey-home 驴屋亲子游

简介及可提供与爱奖相关的服务 – The service briefing which related to the award

The donkey-home has been devoted to outdoor sports for 18 years. At present, it is a member of China Mountaineering Association and CCEA member of camp Education Alliance. It also has the business qualification of travel agency, the business license number is S-SH-00572. Donkey-home aims to cultivate ability, shape character, improve knowledge and skills, It has completed product upgrading. Through experiential learning and the companion, we hope teenagers can deeply discover the world, explore themselves, and grow in creative outdoor activities.

The service aims to help teenagers became independent trough outdoor activities with rich theme options. According to the variety personalities of teenagers, a series of curriculum modules are carefully planned and designed to provide multiple cognitive values and stimulate critical thinking, learn to get along with nature and self, and then complete the comprehensive advancement of character, quality and ability.

From weekends to winter and summer vacations, from the one-night stay at the aquarium to multi-day camp activities, from natural world to public welfare, from outdoor sports to crisis response, from ocean diving to no man's land exploration, from sailing to taking the road of Xuanzang... The course starts with outdoor sports activities, and now extends the following activity series: outdoor life (camping, water purification Picnic) field hiking (grassland, forest, desert, Gobi) water sports (paddle, kayaking, canoe, sailing) road riding.











 机构服务对接人及联络方法 – Contact person

Contact person: Pei Zhang


Phone(电话):13801687103 13331912866

Wechat ID:  驴屋亲子游

Address:7020, Huacheng building, 601 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai