HRH The Duke of Edinburgh announced as new Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 爱丁堡公爵宣布成为爱丁堡公爵国际奖的新赞助人

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh announced as new Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award) is delighted to announce that HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will be the charity’s new Patron.

The Duke takes on the patronages previously held by his father, Prince Philip, who founded the Award in 1956.The Duke has been a passionate supporter of the International Award for decades, achieving his own Gold Award in 1986. The Duke has been a Trustee of the DofE since 1988 and of the International Award since 2006. He became Chairman of Trustees for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation in 2015.




HRH The Duke of Edinburgh said: “Some say The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is in my DNA; it’s certainly been a major part of my life for a very long time. Being asked to take on the role of Patron after my father is a particular honour and quite a responsibility. Sustaining and enhancing what is arguably his greatest legacy around the world matters a great deal to me, as does pursuing The Award’s long-term ambition of universal access so that every eligible young person has the opportunity to participate. Above all, I hope to ensure the Award to which my father gave his title, those that achieve it, and those who deliver it continue to enjoy the recognition they so richly deserve.”

爱丁堡公爵说:“有人说爱丁堡公爵奖在我的基因内;很长一段时间以来,它肯定是我生活的重要组成部分。在我父亲之后被要求担任赞助人的角色是一种特别的荣誉和相当大的责任。 爱奖是父亲所留下在世界范围内最伟大的遗产这对我来说非常重要,让爱奖可持续及扩大影响力,让每个符合条件的年轻人都有机会参,我的目标与爱奖发展理念是一致的。最重要的是,我希望确保由我父亲亲自命名的奖项、获得该奖项的人以及执行该奖项的人继续享有他们应得的认可。”

Stephen Peck, Interim Secretary General and Chief Operating Officer of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award said:

“We are delighted by the news of The Duke’s patronage. He has always been exceptionally dedicated to the Award; a champion of non-formal education and how it can make a life changing impact to young people all over the world.

Like our Founder, The Duke believes in the potential of young people and the power they have to create a bright future for themselves and make a difference in their communities. On behalf of the 130+ countries delivering the Award, we are excited to continue working closely with The Duke as the Award continues to reach more young people around the world.”

爱丁堡公爵国际奖代理秘书长兼首席运营官Stephen Peck表示:



The Duke becomes Patron of the International Award as young people across the world face an uncertain and challenging future. Having been among the hardest hit by the pandemic’s impacts, they are coping with the effects of lost education and record levels of mental ill-health while negotiating soaring living costs.

Under his patronage, the International Award will continue its work to give as many young people as possible the life-changing chance to do their Award – expanding its reach across internationally into the most deprived areas, and working to remove barriers for marginalised young people, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.


在他的赞助下,国际奖将继续努力,为尽可能多的年轻人提供改变生活的机会来完成他们的奖项——将其影响范围扩大到国际上最贫困的地区,并努力为边缘化的年轻人消除障碍, 包括那些有特殊教育需要和残疾的人。

About the International Award:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global, non-formal education and learning framework which challenges young people to develop new skills, get physically active, learn about teamwork and leadership through Adventurous Journey and volunteer within their community.

It was founded by HRH The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, in conjunction with German educationalist Kurt Hahn.

There are currently more than a million young people completing their own unique Award program The Award is delivered around the world by schools, colleges, universities, employers, social clubs, sports clubs, and a whole host of other civic organizations.

Since its launch more than 60 years ago, millions of young people have participated and received Awards, with millions more benefitting from its impact in communities around the world.

HRH The Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh KG GCVO is Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.



它由爱丁堡公爵菲利普亲王与德国教育家库尔特·哈恩(Kurt Hahn)于1956年共同创立。




爱丁堡公爵-爱德华王子 是爱丁堡公爵国际奖的赞助人。