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Fee Policy - Participant Registration Fee (PRF)

Participant Registration Fee (PRF) is the only fee that The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China charge directly from the Award participants. The fees are collected by their Award Center where the participant to sign up the Award. The fee is regarding to the participant register to Online Record Book (ORB) system that is the only system for the Award office to endorse the participant activities record to approve the award.

Participant Registration Fee (PRF)

* To encourage participants to continue to progress to the next higher level, the PRF fees are structured to decrease as their Award level goes up, as specified below:

For individual participants who are in financial distress, please reach out to us through the Award Centre for financial support, which will be carried out after quick verification.

PRFs are charged twice a year in July and January respectively, based on prior 6‐month period. Calculations are based on the Online Record Book (ORB) during the previous 6‐month period. Award Center is responsible for assuring the accuracy of records on the ORB.

In addition, as The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China authorizes and supports the Award Center to provide relevant services for participants in the process of the award through secondary authorization, your Award Center might charge you the following two kinds of fees as appropriate:

1 Whole course tutoring fee: refers to the relevant fees incurred by the Award Center when performing its tutoring responsibilities and obligations to the participants registered in the center.

2 single subject service fee: refers to the related fees generated by the award execution center when the participants of love award independently choose the resources provided by the award execution center to carry out a subject activity.

The above two kinds of fees are reasonably priced and charged by the award execution center. As a participant of the award, you also have the right to receive a full and reasonable explanation of the relevant expenses.

Complaints and feedback:

If you need to make a complaint and feedback in terms of expenses, or other aspects of the development and implementation of The Awards, please email to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China: ceo@intawardchina.cn In order to ensure that your email is accepted, please indicate your identity, details of the cause of the complaint / feedback, and relevant evidence in the email. We will reply within 10 working days.