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Adventurous Journey - Recognized Activity Provider List 2023

* Aishang InternationalCultural Exchange (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 爱尚国际文化交流(常州)有限公司

* 北京环学国际旅行社有限公司

* Brilliance Camp 上海光华卓越教育科技有限公司

* Donkeyhome outdoor 上海正华国际旅行社有限公司(驴屋户外)

* G camp   潍坊歌尔农场有限公司 (安丘歌尔营地)

* Gongcheng Liuyi TrainingSchool Ltd. 恭城县六艺培训学校有限公司

* Guangzhou Leadclimb 广州市领攀户外运动中心

* Indier Outdoor Education Limited Company  深圳英迪尔户外教育有限公司

* Insight Adventures 上海唯联国际旅行社有限公司(鹰赛探险)

* Jianfei Sports  健飞国际体育文化传播(北京)有限公司

* JingXing Youth 内蒙古景行国际旅行社有限公司成都分公司

* Shanghai FamFun EducationalCulture Communication Co., Ltd 上海上路文化传播有限公司

* Shanghai SEED Management Consultants Co., Ltd. 上海询博企业管理咨询有限公司

* Shanghai Qishen EducationTechnology Co., Ltd.  上海启深教育科技有限公司

* Shanghai Zendo TravelAgency Co., Ltd  上海真途旅行社有限公司

* Shenzhen Vanke Firefly CampEducation Co., Ltd 深圳市万科营火虫教育有限公司

* SJ-Tansuo EduTech Ltd. 三极探索(北京)教育科技有限公司

* WildChina Travel Co Ltd 北京碧山国际旅行社有限公司

* Wuhan Yiran Sports  武汉益然体育发展有限公司

* YMCE Group Co., Ltd   游美营地(北京)教育科技有限公司

Voluntary Service - Recognized Activity Provider List 2023

* Sanguo 上海徐汇区三果青年发展

Recognized Activity Provider (RAP)

A RAP is a legal entity that provides outdoor activities that are closely related to the Award’s sections to the young people and is recognized by China NAO as suitable to provide outsourced Award service to ACs and OACs, with at least 2 full time staff properly trained by China NAO.
RAPs provide:
* Assurance that all staff on the Award team have completed China NAO’s level 1 training and obtained training certificate.
* Updated list of trained staff, publicly available in a timely fashion.
* Annual list of ACs/OACs they have provided service to, and annual compilation of Award events on a voluntary basis.

* Responsibility of upholding the Award’s brand and reputation.

What organizations qualify as a RAP?

Becoming a RAP means that you will join the global Award family for the purpose of facilitating youth development, and together shoulders the responsibility of disseminating and upholding the Award values and brand reputation. Applying to be a RAP in mainland China is at the discretion of China NAO.

The requirements are:

* A legal entity with reputable regional or national business impact;
* Provides outdoor activities that are closely related to the Award sections to the young people;
* Adequate resources for Award facilitation, including activity experience, qualified personnel, solid internal policies and trainings, etc.