The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award China


Training Workshop Calendar 2023 - China


Further details regarding each level is attached below for your reference.


  • Deadline for the registration is 4weeks before the training.
  • 截至报名时间: 培训日期4周前。
  • Training confirm date is the day after registration deadline. Operations team will send workshop plan with further details to the confirmed delegates. Before that, please do not make trip arrangements.
  • 确认培训是否开办时间为截至报名的后一天。运营团队将会向确定报名的培训代表发送培训手册,地点,费用等。未接到培训确定前,请不要安排相关旅程。
  • Virtual Level 2 training includes 3sessions that will be completed in 3 continuous Saturday morning.

  • 线上培训含三部分内容,周六上午进行,连续3周完成培训。



1. Registration link:


2. Please select the workshop number at this link and fill in details for registration.


3. In order to help well organize each workshop and support delegates, please be kindly noted that DofE China will be hesitated to confirm any registration happen within one month before training dates.


4. Maximum 4 seats per workshop will be granted to delegates from same organization in order to provide training resource to more needed organizations for award delivery.


5. China NAO operations team are open to schedule face to face operations support pre or post the training workshop with the host school or any award centers in the area.

Please kindly email in advance.


6.  All certificates are globally recognized which provides award volunteers the opportunity of ongoing development with the Award globally.


7.  Any query regarding training, please contact for support.


Introduction of Training Workshop


Level 1-Onlinetraining modules


  • Compulsory training for obtaining certificate of Level 2.


  • Available for delegates from licensed organizations without any charge.


  • Please click the website(, choose a right organization (IAC or external activity provider);
  • 请进入网站(,选合适的机构类型(IAC或外部活动提供商)注册;
  • type and register an account, then contact China NAO via to activate the account for starting Level 1 training modules which is available at “Courses”.
  • 之后联系奖项中国区机构operations @intawardchina.cn激活。
  • Level 1training includes 3 sections: Level 1 Award Induction(45min.), Level 1 Award Delivery (45min) and Level2 Adventurous Journey pre-learning(45min).
  • 培训模块在我的课程中。1级培训包括3部分内容,各45分钟,分别是:1级奖项介绍,1级奖项执行和2级户外探索科目预先学习。
  • Once your account is activated, welcome to join “The Award in China” group, an award working community, for more supporting documents regarding the delivery of the Award and further communication on award work.
  • 活后,欢迎加入 “The Award in China”小组,以获取有关奖项运营以及有关奖项工作的更多支持文件和资料。

Level 2 Training-Award Delivery Training Workshop


  • The Level 2 ‘Delivering the Award’ workshop is a core component of the training framework, and it delivers more advanced learning to build on the knowledge gained during Level 1. It also provides in-depth guidance on the requirements of the Adventurous Journey section. Please be kindly reminded that if you have not finished Level 1, you are not allowed to attend Level 2.


  • Successful completion of the Level 2 ‘Delivering the Award’ workshop is mandatory for adults wishing to perform the roles of Award Leader, Award Coordinator, Adventurous Journey Supervisor, Adventurous Journey Assessor or Award Verifier, and who have not been previously trained. Minimum of 2 Award team members are required to be fully trained to start award delivery properly. Award Centers are recommended to adjust training demand based on the ratio 25:1 (25 participants: 1 certified Award Leader).


Level 3-Award Management Training (AMT)


  • The Award Management Training course is designed for Award Coordinators and more experienced Award Leaders to cover the management aspects and the licensing process. This course focuses on all aspects relating to managing a successful and sustainable Award program me within an organization but not on the actual programme itself.
  • 奖项管理培训是专为奖项协调员和更有经验的奖项导师设计的,包含奖项管理和执照管理流程。 侧重机构内部如何成功的运营奖项,可持续的管理奖项,而不是奖项本身。
  • The training provides information on all subjects relevant for an Award Centre to set up and manage an efficient and sustainable Award operation.
  • 提供成功运营奖项中心所需相关信息,以建立和管理高效的,持续发展奖项运营。
  • It explains details of the Award policies, tools and processes, as well as examples of good practice to achieve these roles.
  • 详解奖项政策,管理工具,流程,以及实操范例研究。
  • It provides the framework by which you can fulfil the requirements of your AC License and provides a sustainable Award management model by which you can help young people develop in the long term.
  • 提供奖项中心执照评估体系,提供可持续奖项管理模型,支持长期发展。

Level 4-Traininig for Trainers T4T


  • The Award is fulfilling not only for the young people involved, but also for the adults who support Award participants. We provide our volunteers with training and career development opportunities, and they have the chance to facilitate the training for adults who will form positive relationships with the young people they mentor.
  • 该奖项不仅面对青年参与者,支持奖项的成年人也非常重要。我们提供培训和职业发展的机会,让志愿者们成为成年人的培训师,使成年人为其所指导的青年提供更好的奖项指导。
  • Courses will be available to limited number of qualified award volunteers.
  • 培训提供给选拔出的奖项志愿者,名额有限。
  • Any relevant cost for T4T including training course, accommodation, travelling and meals will be covered by China NAO.
  • 培训费,住宿,旅行和餐饮费用,由奖项中国机构承担
    Updated: 2023.05