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Taking outdoor and adventure activities as its background, Leadclimb Outdoor Instruction Center (Leadclimb for short) is an organization that provides experiential training courses. Training courses cover many fields, such as outdoor enthusiasts training, outdoor experiential education for teenagers, professional technical skills training, and so on. These can provide all-round safety professional education and training courses for teenagers, outdoor enthusiasts and practitioners at different stages and ages. Supported by brand KAILAS, the Leadclimb actively promote the systematic development of outdoors ports and accelerate the professional popularization of outdoor education in China.

Leadclimb Outdoor Instruction Center in Guangzhou, as the core team of Leadclimb, mainly operates a series of courses called "Eagle Outdoor Education", undertakes the courses of famous outdoor training institutions at home and abroad. It has coaches and young instructors with professional skills, abundant educational theory, sufficient outdoor experience and strong sports enthusiasm. With their company, thousands of outdoor sports participants grew up together.


【青少年户外教育体系】Outdoor Education System for Young People




Taking outdoor mountains and natural scenes as the background and "experiential education" as the pattern, Leadclimb makes teenagers take the guidance and assistance of their instructors to complete all kinds of topics and tasks that appear in the preset journey. This kind of experience could positively influence the all-round quality of teenagers, including facing problems, solving problems, communicating, adapting to society, shaping personality, team consciousness, leadership development and others. All influences happen in a subtle way. Furthermore, the values of "thinking for others, persistent and being responsible" have also been established in this process.

Eaglet-outdoor education program has the characteristics of long distance, long period and certain challenges, which is based on the growth characteristics of teenagers aged 14-25 and older. It helps youth in many ways, including cultivating team consciousness and leadership, perseverance, and gaining the active problem-solving thinking. There are two main forms of development, Edinburgh's outdoor exploration course and summer camp course.

The course can supplement school education to help teenagers grow up healthily. According to Adventurous Journey curriculum standards and methods of Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, a curriculum system with field training as the core is set up. The curriculum plan regards cultivating the quality of young people as its responsibility. Through various forms of collective activities, such as mountaineering, camping, expedition and travel, the curriculum gives youth appropriate opportunities to challenge themselves, thus stimulating their personal potential to gain a sense of accomplishment.



Leadclimb base on Greater Bay Area. Also has branches and strategic cooperation units in Sichuan, Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, and continues to expand to all around China.

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